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Designed by a world record holder. This is the highest quality, most accurate sling bow in existence. Take a look at our full range of bowfishing rigs and elite sling bows.

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Try taking down big game with a sling bow.

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Slingshot hunting with deadly accuracy has never been easier!

The Story behind our Elite Sling bow, slingshot, and Bow fishing rigs

On May 5, 2015, Chief AJ & Tony Reaves were invited to do an “Elite Sling Bow” hunt for the Wall Street Journal. The WSJ sent a reporter to see if Chief AJ’s Elite could harvest big game humanely. The WSJ sent a former US Marine Corps combat officer by the name of Bin Kesling to report on the hunt, no matter which way it went. Tony & Chief AJ both bagged hogs weighing over 200 pounds each. This was done in front of the WSJ reporter and video cameras. The whole world read about the successful “Elite” hunt on the front page of the Wall Street Journal on June 8, 2015. So from a dying small farm town in the Flatlands of Illinois, Chief AJ developed the “Elite Sling Bow” which is now being shipped worldwide!