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Take aim with hunting gear from Famous for his skill with the slingshot, John “Chief AJ” Huffer has been featured by the History Channel, the National Geographic, the Wall Street Journal, and more. We’re the official source for Chief AJ products, developed and recommended by the sharpshooter himself. Shop our selection of hunting, fishing, and outdoor products to find the perfect gear for your next adventure.

The HFX and Elite Sling Bow

Looking for a new hunting challenge? Try taking down big game with a sling bow. While the slingshot is Chief AJ’s iconic weapon of choice, it is limited in power. In 2008, he had the idea to develop a slingshot specially designed to harvest big game and even go bow fishing. He envisioned a metal slingshot with super-strong bands capable of shooting a hunting arrow with a broadhead point. After six years of research and development, he produced the HFX which later evolved into the Chief AJ Elite Sling Bow.


The Elite Sling Bow is set apart by from the original HFX by its internal folding wrist brace, stronger forks, reworked arrow-rest, and a longer handle with finger grooves. It shoots both balls and arrows, functioning like a compound bow with an archer’s trigger release. You can read more about the Chief’s Elite Sling Bows here.

To date, the Elite Sling Bow has been used to harvest bucks, ducks, moose, grizzly bears, gators, turkey, waterfowl, and more. It is 4” wide, 7” tall, and folds down to 1½” deep -- yet it will bring down all North American big game in the right hands. Order your own Chief AJ Elite Sling Bow today and find out what you’re capable of.

Elite Fishing Rigs

For those who prefer to do their hunting in the water, we offer a variety of Elite Direct Mount Fishing Rigs. These are specially designed for accuracy when bow fishing. Furthermore, they are compact but powerful when it comes to both shooting and reeling in big fish. Give us a call to learn more about these products and the other outdoor gear we sell.

Contact us if you have any questions about ordering from our store. We ship to clients around the world.


Chief AJ developed the Elite Sling Bow for taking North American

big game and Tony Reaves is doing just that. That includes a big 14-pt buck. Chief AJ, now being 80 years old, has turned over the Elite Sling Bow project to Tony Reaves. For questions or custom orders, call Tony.



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