The Last Hunting Tool You'll Ever Need

The Last Hunting Tool You'll Ever Need

The Last Hunting Tool You'll Ever Need


Do you want to try a new and exciting hunting weapon when you go out into the wild to hunt your prey? This time, it's not a gun. It's not even a bow and arrow or a crossbow. Introducing the best hunting slingshot of all time - the Elite Slingbow!

When you hear the word slingshot or slingbow, it’s sort of like going way back in time to when the cave people went hunting for their food with their slingshot weapon. You have even read the legend of the regular sized David demolish the giant Goliath with his trusted slingbow.

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Yes. The slingbow is back and making a bigger impact than ever before! But this time, it's in the form of more compact and modern gear that weighs less than a pound.

The good thing about it is, you can freely move around due to its small size. You don't need any set up time when the opportunity to strike your prey comes up because there’s a built-in arrow rest. All you need is you and your Elite Slingbow!

Of course, there are other options for hunting. There is bow hunting which also gets you in touch with the primal nature of hunting. It is quiet and allows you to snag several animals.

And they will not be spooked with gunshots, unlike with rifle hunting. But it can't produce the same power as rifles and it can't make you aim and be more accurate in getting your prey. 

As we just mentioned, there’s also rifle hunting. But with this option, you need more than just the rifle itself – it’ll be a bulky journey. Besides the rifle, you need ammunition, a place to station yourself to get the best aim, and more.

All this extra prep work is necessary, added to the fact that you have to properly load up the rifle before firing. Most importantly, it’s noisy and can scare away other prey after the first blast. 

On the other hand, with the Elite Slingbow, don't belittle this small monster. It might be derived from our ancestors, but with modern components you will be an even more accurate and consistent hunter than bow or rifle hunting.

The earliest humans had so much success with their rudimentary hunting tools for a reason – they were quiet and compact unlike rifles, thus allowing you to bag more prey. 

The Elite Slingbow is a hunting tool that is the best of both worlds, combining all the power and accuracy of both a slingshot and classic bow and arrow. It’s easily transported and easy to pull out and use when you spot the animal that you're hunting quietly for.

Tired of coming back home empty-handed after a long day of hunting – or at least trying to? Now, with the use of the Elite Slingbow, you can take down more game and come home to your family with something substantial to show for your hunting trip.

In this way, you also provide food for your family on the table. More natural meat, courtesy of your best hunting slingbow.

Take pride in yourself, because since the dawn of time it has been man who has been out hunting to provide food for the family. You can join the ranks of these men from centuries past and not only be the man of the house but also the hero of your family!

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Experiencing hunting or fishing with your Elite Slingbow is a fun, exciting and unique experience. It makes you more attuned to the nature in which you are collecting your bounty from.

The band weight variation of this hunting slingbow makes it easy to use and target your prey! It is extremely accurate, smooth, and has an easy draw without compromising its power. It has an ambidextrous arrow rest which makes it easy for you to use, whether you are left or right handed.

Want to give it a try? If you purchase it today, it ships out on the same day with a 30-day guarantee. Expect over the top customer service when you purchase the spectacular Elite Slingbow from us! It's only exclusively available from us!


The history of the Elite Slingbow began in 2008 when it was simply a wooden slingshot for John "Chief AJ" Huffer. AJ did his magic on the wooden slingshot and was able to shoot 1,500 flying targets in a row using only paintballs as ammunition. AJ would splatter paintball in the center of the bullseye which were 6-inch disks tossed in the air for about 1.5 seconds each.

This historic event happened at the Big Red Barn in Tuscola, Illinois in front of a large appreciative crowd. It was televised by 3 local television stations.

This incredible feat of marksmanship got AJ noticed for Top Shot, a show on the History Channel focused on expert marksmanship. He did so well on this show that AJ was also invited by the National Geographic Channel to compete in a shoot off against a fully automatic laser guided machine gun.

From a farm town to being known on the national stage, AJ had become a slingshot shooting phenomenon! AJ had realized that he could popularize slingshot shooting to the whole country, and eventually, to the entire world!

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Chief AJ experimented with putting stronger bands on a wooden slingshot but the frame broke. He commissioned Texan Ray Priest to build him a metal framed slingshot which would have the strength to permit him to hunt pheasants.

The Chief had a successful pheasant hunt on Anything Wild (a Pursuit Channel hunting show) wherein he realized that with an arrow rest on the slingshot frame, he could take any big game he could muster.

Putting in full lengths hunting arrows tipped with Muzzy broadhead points, he downed a deer within 30 yards in Ohio.


Six years after the Chief established a world record for shooting 1,500 flying slingshot targets, the fully metal Elite Slingbow was launched! Imagine, the ancestors of this best hunting slingbow have snagged does, bucks, white tailed deer, turkeys, black and grizzly bears, a 210 pound gator garfish and a 450 pound red stag.

On May 5, 2015, AJ and Tony Reaves were invited by the Wall Street Journal to execute an Elite Slingbow Hunt for them. They both bagged hogs with weights of over 200 pounds each. On June 8, 2015, the whole world knew about the successful hunt on the front page of the WSJ. The Elite Slingbow is now being shipped worldwide!


This is the new way to go when you journey down to your next hunting or fishing trip. The Elite Slingbow is compact and modern gear that is proud of its ancestry from the humble wooden slingshot to its transformation now to a world-famous hunting tool.

It only weighs less than a pound and you can easily move around due to its small size. It's just you and your trusted Elite Slingbow! We know it'll become your new best hunting companion.