Customer Photos

Chief AJ & Tony want your photos of what U have done with your Elite Sling Bow. Send to 434 572 7609 or e-mail  to


Tristen Martin Bowfishing
Tristen Martin with a GREAT #bowfishing CATCH! #SlingBowPower


Sandy has shot, Red Stag, Turkeys and used the Elite Sling Bow for Frogs

Cory Rosche with his 21.4 pound, 52.5” long Gar  8 ounces shy of the Va state record


Lane Johnson, scores small game with Elite Sling bow

First Elite Ground Hog by Lewis Reaves.













6/29/17 Tony Sling Bow shooting for new Magazine Story in "Carolina Sportsman Magazine"

New Shooter: Cory


Cory with 21 Frogs shot with Chief AJ Elite Sling bow