John “Chief AJ” Huffer - 1937-2022

John “Chief AJ” Huffer - 1937-2022
It is with great sadness we must announce that the one and only, legendary, John “Chief AJ” Huffer has passed on at the age of 84 to be reunited with Jesus and his beloved wife of 64 years.

As the founder and namesake of our company, we want to take some time to honor the numerous accomplishments he achieved during his time here on earth.

• Chief held many world records in shooting with arrows, rifles, and slingshots. You can learn more about these records here.
• He was a champion bodybuilder in both his youth and as a senior citizen.
• A man of many talents, he was a contractor, a counselor, and a minister… but that’s not all. Chief would also become a photographer, an author, and of course an inventor/businessman.
• His book “The Exploits of Chief AJ” can be purchased here.
• His greatest invention was our famous Sling Bow, which (as you may know) is a slingshot that can shoot arrows and is a legal archery weapon in many states today.
• He was also a TV star for a brief while, appearing on ‘Top Shot’ from the History Channel, and then the National Geographic Channel, where he won a shoot-off against a fully automatic, laser-guided machine gun.

While we could go on and on bragging about all the incredible things our beloved John Huffer did during his life, most importantly to us – he was a great friend and mentor. For that, he will be immensely missed.

Luckily, his legacy will always remain at the heart of our company. Chief AJ the business will continue to be run by Tony Reaves, as it has for the past several years.

Chief, may you Rest In Peace.