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The "CHIEF AJ Championship Way!" NEW Chief AJ e-mail:  , Landline (217) 253-2959 cell 907 903 7966  Snail Mail: Chief AJ, POB 131, Tuscola, IL 61953-0131 For Spanish Caza y Pesca catapult

Chief AJ has proven the Power of the Sling Bow to Humanely Harvest Big Game  for Federal Court Case 14-2117 and published the results here: Yes, IDNR click here!  SLING BOW POWER


                               It's Deer Hunting Season 2014

       Last Season Tony Reaves order a HFX just as Deer Season began, Here's Tony


 HFX sling bow. Here's the Bear Kill'en - Deer Slaying - Fish Stick'en Sling bow that has taken all North American Big Game now:

9/15/14 Big Game Seasons are now open for the HFX Sling Bow in AK, SC, FL, UT, WY, MT, ID and many other states!!!!!!!!! You can order the HFX 3.0 right here right now, Boxed set, wrist brace, 40# pull super pouch to shoot balls, rocks and arrows, 12 min How To DVD : Box Set HFX $84.95

  New Sling Shot Record! 9/16/14, Reid just reported taking a 55# Coyote with His HFX.

SLINGSHOT RECORD BOOK  How to Get $1,000.00 shooting your HFX: $1,000 2014 video event


HFX MODLES: click here to order HFX sling bows:  HFX MODELS

HFX Deer Hunting Videos click here: DEER HUNTING VIDEOS

HFX FISHING Videos and HFX fishing gear: HFX FISHING

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