1. The Exploits of Chief AJ as told by Chuck Vaughan. This is a must have book. It tells the life of a true living Legend. It starts in the Chiefs early life  and tells of all the amazing accomplishments and World Records set by this man. As you read this book you will wonder where one man could have found the time and energy to do so much but as you read you will discover where the drive that motivated the Chief came from. Like so many people say , it comes from a higher power and that exactly right. It all came from our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST. I'll leave the rest to your reading. It's 184 pages packed full of excitment and over 100 colored pictures

The Exploits of Chief AJ



    Chief AJ developed the Elite Sling Bow for taking North American

    big game and Tony Reaves is doing just that. That includes a big 14-pt buck. Chief AJ, now being 80 years old, has turned over the Elite Sling Bow project to Tony Reaves. For questions or custom orders, call Tony.



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