Instinct (Quick Point) Shooting Trainer Combo
This combo set of Adult-Sized Stock + John Wayne Big Hoop cocking lever will turn your Red Ryder BB Gun into an Instinct training shooter. Makes an Adult serious Quick Point shooting tool. Comes with Chief AJ’s famous On-Line Instinct shooting Seminar. You will have a lesson by lesson to watch and then DO ($60.00 value)
Hardwood oversized stock may require some light sanding
along with staining or painting. Big Hoop is cut out of 1/4" Aluminum and has a  Black Cerakoted Finish. Learning Chief AJ’s way of Quick Point shooting will carry over to Trap, Skeet, hunting, basketball, baseball and other instinct skills. Learning Quick Point could save your Life!

Cowboy Combo = On-line Quick Point Shooting  Seminar + Oversized Adult Stock + John Wayne Big Hoop Cocking lever. Over 5,500 Cowboy Combo’s have been shipped around the World.


The Cowboy Combo



    Chief AJ developed the Elite Sling Bow for taking North American

    big game and Tony Reaves is doing just that. That includes a big 14-pt buck. Chief AJ, now being 80 years old, has turned over the Elite Sling Bow project to Tony Reaves. For questions or custom orders, call Tony.



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