Learn how you can become an expert hunter by purchasing our high-quality outdoor products. John “Chief AJ” Huffer grew up in a small Mid-West farm town and went on to achieve worldwide fame as a “Quick Point” shooter. Through his story, told in his biography “The Exploits of Chief AJ,” you can discover the best ways to use rifles and sling bows for hunting.


Our famous Elite Sling Bow has turned out to be an ideal tool throughout this hunting season. Many of our customers have harvested bucks and does using outdoor products from Chief AJ, including a 32-yard buck kill.

Hunting Grand Slams

There are many types of grand slams when it comes to hunting. A turkey slam is considered one of the greatest challenges a hunter can face. It involves harvesting one of each species (or subspecies) of wild turkey. The kills must be listed under one of the six recognized slams in turkey hunting to be considered valid.


Sandy Brady is currently working on a Sling Bow Grand Slam using our archery products. He will be the first hunter in history to complete a turkey slam using a sling bow. We’re certain he can achieve this ambitious goal. “Sure Shot Sandy” has taken an Eastern and Rio Grande with our sling bow. Next, he must harvest the subspecies of Osceola or Florida, and Merriam’s.


The Premier Supplier Of Outdoor Products

More than a decade ago, founder John Huffer found that an enhanced slingshot could be used to harvest big game and bow fishing. In an Illinois cornfield, he shot down a flushing pheasant using a strong, metal framed slingshot. Over the course of the next six years, he began researching and developing a line of innovative new hunting products, the first being the HFX.


Tony Reaves of South Boston, Virginia, ordered his own HFX and within four days, he’d bagged a white-tailed deer by using a broadhead arrow in the slingshot. Chief AJ took it upon himself to partner with Tony, and together they improved upon the original design of the HFX. The result was the Elite Sling Bow, an advanced slingshot with bigger bands that is fired like a compound bow and can shoot both lead balls and arrows.


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How the Elite Sling Bow Was Invented


Chief AJ developed the Elite Sling Bow for taking North American

big game and Tony Reaves is doing just that. That includes a big 14-pt buck. Chief AJ, now being 80 years old, has turned over the Elite Sling Bow project to Tony Reaves. For questions or custom orders, call Tony.



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