Hey Cheif AJ almost 11 years ago now there on the bank of Jane's Creek near Ravenden Springs, AR while you were baptizing people in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit the word came to you that a Native Peoples, Indigenous movement for JESUS was starting right then. That this movement would be a Living Page right out of the New Testament around the World. CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT THIS MEANS TO U:




During the past 11 years this message has gone into all the World via the World Wide Web encouraging indigenous native Christians to be a living page right out of the New Testament.  That is direct access to the Father through His Son, Christ Jesus. In doing this the Indigenous peoples have found the source of endless energy and strength in their lives , that being JESUS! In their worship services now there are conversions, healings, miracles, payers answers, native peoples men and women ordained to proclaim the Good News to their people. Over 10,000 baptized and being taught the way of JESUS.


Indigenous Christians encouraging other Native People around the World  to walk with JESUS by the teachings of JESUS and baptizing in the Name of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit! In worship services allowing The HOLY SPIRIT to set the program as in the New Testament.

There are plenty of Church groups doing the social gospel. The Great Commission is being fulfilled by Indigenous people preaching to Indigenous people in the POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.


Old time Christian Bishop Indigenous Bishop Chief AJ At this time 4/23/14 Our Bishop is Ordaining Native Christians to teach & baptize Native people around the World via the Internet click here for more Christian info: NATIVE AMERICAN CHRISTIAN CHURCH    contact


What you read in the New Testament the NACC is doing it. 4/23/2014 Many questions come in, like what kind of Christian is Chief AJ?

Back in the Mid-80's Chief AJ toured with Roy Rogers and is the same kind of

 Christian as Roy Rogers "Straight Shooter"!!!  When Chief AJ is invited to put on a Youth event or speak to group or preach in Church Straight talk will come forth, people feel the Holy Spirit power right out of the New Testament, healing, deliverance, and new Hope!

Here's what has happen to Chief AJ during the past 11 years in His  person life by walking with JESUS helping Indigenous peoples to see JESUS.

The Chief has become know World Wide by doing Biblical Type great deeds. Pulling 200# Yew Longbow, Taking Big Game with a Slingshot, winning Body Building Contest in the Master Division, traveled the United States fishing and hunting, been flown to Hollywood several times to do great deeds on National TV, invited to give Faith Motivational talks in many States and at 76 going Strong!!! 907 903 7966 for text and pics.

PIANO CHATS 4 Christian Sermons by Chief AJ, Here the #1

  click here: for 1-4 PIANO CHATS


Chief AJ developed the Elite Sling Bow for taking North American

big game and Tony Reaves is doing just that. That includes a big 14-pt buck. Chief AJ, now being 80 years old, has turned over the Elite Sling Bow project to Tony Reaves. For questions or custom orders, call Tony.



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