New Improved Arrow Rest FlipperNo More Striping Fletching! No more brakeage!

New Improved Arrow Rest Flipper

No More Striping Fletching! No more brakeage!

Chief AJ is so happy after more R & D plus customer feed back he now has very good spring loaded arrow rest for Chief AJ “ELITE” sling bows and even the old HFX.

The whole ideal Chief AJ had back in 2008 was to have a slingshot (developed into Sling Bow) that would shoot balls, rocks and regular arrows with out having to take the arrow rest off and on the weapon frame. The spring loaded flipper arrow rest achieved this. The Flipper arrow rest stays in the down position to shoot balls and then pops up by pushing the button ready for long target or hunting arrows.

Some shooters had a problem with the Arrow Rest (flipper) damaging their veins and feathers. On the flipper one of the ears that holds the flipper in its cradle was a little short and allow the flipper to get broken by the force of the tubing and pouch coming through.

After 18 months of working on these issues the Chief came up with a flipper made of a special strong metal alloy along with making the ears both long that now holds the flipper in its cradle.

More, Elite Shooter Tony Reaves has proven the use of Mole Skin on the Flipper. With the new metal alloy and the Mole Hair padding feathers and veins are not damaged, not even in 300 test shots. The Mole Skin also sure does quite down the arrow speeding through the rest. This sure helped when Tony drew back on a 12 pt Buck sending the arrow flying true and quite. The biggest Buck of His life taken with a Elite Sling Bow.

3/8/2017 Now The Chief AJ Elite Sling Bow and The Tony Elite Sling Bow will come with the new metal alloy flipper and with Mole Skin installed. Shoot hard and shoot often.

You can obtain the New Improved Arrow rest assembly buy clicking on Products then Accessories that will fit on your Elite or HFX or even can be put on wooded sling shots likel the Wham-O