Caught on Video: 800# Beast taken down by 1# Bow

1/17/2018 Tony Reaves with an Elite Sling Bow (souped up slingshot) does the Great North American deed of harvesting a Buffalo. This is the best Chief AJ Elite Sling Bow hunting Video out of he 125 Elite Sling Bow Video on You Tube. You will see the Buffalo heard, running Buffalo and then a daring walk up on the heard. You can see the draw, the release, the arrow flying to the mark just behind the Buffalo Shoulder. The arrow that did a complete pass through or double lung shot. Not one bit of meat was ruined. The whole hunt in in the Video, Tony tell what he is going to do, the heard, the chase, the shot and recovery of one Great Northern Buffalo right at 800# with one pound Sling Bow.