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A true story of pain, suffering and agony to get to the other side. The path to glory and how what Chief AJ did can help you.

 During the World Record Aerial Shoot back in ’87 Chief AJ shot 8 days in a row for 14 hours each day. Lots of repetition and after 3 days of shooting lots of pain. The pain came on the first day a 7,300 shot in a row. The Chief tossed wooden blocks into the air with his right hand and arm while holding a Ruger 10/22 rifle in His left hand. This required entire body coBordination not just hand and eye. Tossing the small blocks (like the ones you played with as a youth with ABC and 123 on them) took a bend in the knees while swing the right arm and lifting the rifle with the left arm. Timing was everything for the rifle had to hit the left should at the same time the right hand garbed the rifles forearm. The rifle had at that instance be positioned on the "sweet spot" of the left check so that the Chief was look down the middle of the barrel over the lined up sight.

Back in '87 Chief AJ did not have a Instinct shooter 10/22 this fine tuned or neat.



After using the whole body to get the rifle in position on the shoulder and look down the barrel Chief AJ had to find the flying block. On a clam day this works well but Chief AJ did have a claim day until the last day of the shoot. There was no apex pause of the block at the zenith of a curve as it went up and started back down. Wind was whipping the blocks left and right and even in a swirl most of the long days of shooting. With the rifle raised in position the block has to be found just over the sights and a quick trigger squeeze while keeping the rifle moving for you hit a moving target with a moving rifle.


On the very first day the pain hit Chief AJ’s left wrist. In practice he had never gone past 5000 shoot at fly targets in a day. At 7, 300 rounds he found out that he was using his left wrist to move the 7 pound rifle around and not his whole left arm. At the end of the first day a correction has to be make.

At the being of day two of shooting Chief AJ had a ACE bandage warped around the rifle but stock and his left forearm. This trained Chief AJ to life the rifle with his whole arm and not just the wrist. About noon the second he was about to remove the ACE and life the rifle proper. Pain was gone from the wrist and on that second day of the big shoot Chief AJ hit 10,200 flying blocks in the air. Two days and not missed for a total of 17,500 hits on flying blocks. The old record with a .22 rifle was 32,860 straight hits on aerial targets. At this point Chief AJ know that is going to take two more days of shooting to break the record. After two days of shooting His knees are swollen and his feet ached. This marathon event of shooting a World Record on Flying Targets was undertaken by Chief AJ to celebrate his 50 Th. year.


On the morning of the third day Chief AJ was 15,360 targets from breaking the record know that it would take more than one day to do this. Third day He hit 9,300 targets levying 6,060 to go. As the sun went down and it became to dark to shoot the Chiefs’ knees, angles and legs were swollen to twice their size alone with pain in ever body joint. Dean Rothermel and Roger Dorsett had to help Chief AJ into bed.


During the nights rest the swelling and pain did not go away. Chief AJ hobbled to the shooting sire on the fourth morning and laid down in the shooting area. Chief AJ explained that he hurt to bad to stand up let alone shoot and then shoot straight. Surrounded by his friends trying to encourage Chief AJ to stand up and shoot 6,061 more targets and break the record the Chief AJ just mooned and growled and would not get up even to try. Then Nancy Smith the PR lady from Lost Valley Lake Resort, the shoot site, came to encourage the grubby shooter. Nancy looked down at Chief AJ and asked:

"Hey, Chief AJ do you hurt?"

No reply form AJ , who was just laying there rolling back and forth morning in self pity.

Nancy tried again:

"Chief I have a TV crew coming at 10:00 to film you breaking the World Record, are you going to get up and shoot?"

No reply from the 50 year old Indian who so closed to becoming a Champion Rifle Shooter.

Now Nancy had work hard to get press to Lost Valley Lake, deep in the Ozark Hills of Missouri. Already she had brought in 3 TV stations, 4 newsprint reporters and a National Outdoor Writer, Larry Elliott of Guns Magazine. She thought of a way to get the old Chief going.

Again Nancy look down at the sorrowful Chief and asked:

"Hey, Chief AJ, do you remember meeting my three sons before this shoot started?"

At last, AJ looked up at Nancy and said:

"Sure, fine young men"

Nancy to Chief AJ:

"Are you hurting like when I gave birth to those boys?"

Then AJ parted his lips and got out a, "NO!"

He rose to his feet and marched over to the table stacked high with the block targets. Picked up his favorite 10/22 from 18 rifles his friends had loaned to his to set a record with. Painfully he picked up the first block of the forth day tossing into the air and splitting it with a center hit form a .22 long rifle bullet hit. Quickly he tossed more and more targets hitting them all. In one half of an hour he crossed through the Wall of Pain. Yes, Chief AJ did not know about the runners wall of pain they hit in a marathon race. A runner who has make it thought this wall can tell your all about it. The wall of pain is part of a marathon event.


After shooting that first half of a hour the pain goes away. The Chiefs joints quit hurting. The swelling of joints, knees and angles dissipates to normal. The Chief shot his way to the other side. The other side of the wall of pain into the ZONE. He is now in the grove. He just knows that he cannot miss a flying target. He know ahead of time how the wind will effect the flight of the targets. He is feeling no pain form the natural endorphin flowing in his body. He is tossing and shooting at high rate of speed feeling exhilarated by 2:00pm he is past 38,360 targets and has set a new World Record. The TV crew is there filming for the 6:00 O’clock news in St. Louis, MO, Columbus MO and Kansas City, KS. Still photos are being taken, one of which will become the front cover of GUNS Magazine, Spet. of 1987 issue.

 He shot on until dark now even realizing what he had just achieved. He know about breaking the World shooting Record but he did not yet understand he is now "ON THE OTHER SIDE". He shot thought the wall of pain and in the performance grove.


Chief AJ keep on shooting on the 5 Th. day, 6th, 7th and eight day just to run up the aerial .22 rifle moving targets record to 40,060 straight hits with out a miss. By the eight day of shooting Chief AJ began to understand that he was in the grove. He know something had happen and now he had super awareness of not just shooting and hitting but all that was going on around him. He could even sense what was behind him. He awareness was at a new level. He had never been so alive and feeling so good.

50 years old having just set a now World Shooting Record feel very good but still not really being able to explain what had happen on that day of pain the fourth day. When Guns Magazine came out to the News stands with a color photo of Chief AJ shooting on the front cover he started getting calls from around the world. He got a call from Jim Dickson, Outdoor Writer, who congratulates the Chief. The Chief began to tell about shooting through the Wall of Pain and then being in the grove. He just knew he was to going to hit the target.

It was Jim Dickson that explained to Chief AJ what had taken place on the fourth day. Jim has traveled the world and trained with several ZEN and Marshal Arts Masters. In the Orient Jim had paid a Zen Maters to make Jim chant in monotonous repetition for 3 days and nights in a row with out food or water while being beaten with bamboo rods. On the forth day of this repetitious routine and pain he make it to the other side. The side with not pain and state of well being. Being aware of all around your, right, left, ahead and behind you. Jim explained to Chief AJ how that the pain alone with the monotonous repetition of shooting the first three days had helped led the Chief to the other side. The performance grove that basket ball payers find when they know they are going to hit a 3 pointer. The performance grove a golfer feels when he know just how to sink a putt. The zone that baseball home hitters get into.

The performance grove.


Chief AJ went back to work as a millwright setting heavy equipment after the shoot. When Guns Magazine came out with His World Record Shooting Story he had to pull off the job and open a gun smith shop for so many people wanted Him to tune up their Ruger 10/22 rifle like he has his tuned for the big shoot. Then soon by poplar demand Chief AJ opened a Rifle Camp teaching rifle shooting with His beloved Ruger10/22 rim fire rifles. Now after teaching thousands of people his style of shooting with a .22 the Chief has realized that he can teach people how to get to the other side. Into the performance grove that works for any sport or physical maneuver. This came about early in 2004 when started teach with bb guns along with the .22 rifles. With the bb guns Chief AJ can teach other than only in a special place where aerial shooting can be done with a .22. Not only that but a bb gun can be shot a great number of times with out stopping to reload and lose momentum Through bb gun shooting Chief AJ has learned how to teach people to "get to the other side", into the performance grove. He now has a bb gun park near Tuscola, IL where he teaches instinct shooting. Your can spend two hours with Chief AJ doing bb gun training and improve your golf putting, up your batting average or lean how to visualize that basket ball into the hoop. Improve your sporting clays scores or enhance any physical active.

Chief AJ, (217) 253-2959 e-mail:

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