As seen on the History Ch, Monster Quest & Birdzilla. 

Just part of Chief AJ's film is being shown on the History Ch and now Chief AJ has all the orgional footage from 16mm color film on DVD.  With this DVD you can really see how large these two Living Indian Legend Thurderbirds are. First you will see the Two birds in a tree and then flying around - alone with a 30 minute TV show about Thunderbirds. $29.95 shipped at once.

Order by phone: 217 253 2959 with Visa or MC. Order by snail mail: Chief AJ, POB 131, Tuscola, IL 61953

Chief AJ gives permission to you to invite Him to speak about this Ancient Indian Mystery for your club or group. (217) 253-2959 

Chief AJ gives permission for you to download this still photo from his film and use it over and over. 

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