We want U to be here in the record book: Send photo, when, where, who, what used, to or smart phone 907 903 7966

2/28/16 410" New Zealand Red Stag: 7 hour stock, 16 yard shot with "ELITE" sling bow, Arrow of Deliverance, Muzzy broad head: Shot by: Sandy Brady

2/26/16 Scott Brady shooting the "Elite" sling bow, 42.5 # pull, Arrow of Deliverance, Muzzy broad head

Sandy Brady, 28 yard "Elite" sling bow shot on Wild Goat after 2 hour stock, only Goat's neck was visible to Sandy and he made a great shot.

"Elite" sling bow New Zealand Turkey by Sandy Brady:

"Elite" folding sling bow, 42.5#, Arrow of Deliverance  32", Muzzy broad head, Helios 6 vain fletching

9/16/14, Reid reported taken a Coyote with His HFX, video coming ASAP. 9/17/14 Reid's 55# Coyote: New Sling Shot Record

White tail Buck Deer: Sling Bow shot by Tony Reaves

8 point Buck 30 yard shot.

3/10/14 DAKOTAH HOLTON, HFX shot His way into the Slingshot World Record Book of fish and game taken with Sling Bow (Sling Shot) Dakotah made this great shot near Sarasota, FL.

DAKOTAH HOLTON sent video of shooting the 7# and 6# Tilapia and this still photo.   7# Tilapia is a Record Book slingshot fish.

Tony Reaves takes 3rd Deer on GoPro Camera during $500.00 HFX VIDEO CONTEST 1/27/14


12/19/2013 TONY REAVES update:
Drew my lst swan tag in North Carolina this year. Today is 12/19/2013 and day # 16
of having my Elk Hunter Quick Bow. Shot my lst swan at 8:45 am.
Just wanted you to have this info so maybe more people will get into this sport. You
have know idea how much fun I'm having with this sling bow
Merry Christmas, Tony
Sent from my iPhone 


We have a First Responder, Wounded Warrior RICH O'Mara, helps out Chief AJ showing the Power of the HFX sling bows

237.5# Russian Boar.  Hey Rick great shot placement.



Alaska, June 27, 2013

You can order this new Big 50# GRIZZLY model HFX from

7/5/13 New Velocity Slingshot Record set by Danny George in the United Kingdom:

Using triple flat ASDA bands, drawing 84" with home make frame & 3/8" 10 gram nut (ball) reached 654fps.

Close up of Danny slingshot:

 MAY 8, 2013

William "Bearcrazy" Wiesner with in days of receiving His Chief  AJ "Deer Hunters Rig" HFX slingshot bagged this World Record Turkey: (HFX = hunting & fishing extreme slingshot or sling bow)

21.7#, Double Beards 11 1/8" & 6 1/2", Spurs

right 1 3/16" left 1 2/8" Now here's "Bearcrazy Bill" in hunting outfit:

Congrats to Bearcrazy Bill

4/18/13 Andrew Miller sets new slingshot Small Mouth Buffalo World Record of 47.2#

Arkansas River near Ft. Smith, AR.

Badger, shot with HFX - Elk Hunter Model

 by Chris Petersen of Logan, UT. Shot in WY

8/29/2012  One Arrow = One Moose


Chief AJ shooting the HFX - Elk Hunter Model , Muzzy 85gr 2 blade, 33" carbon arrow

10/07/12, HFX full fishing rig report from MIKEY in Florida:

Mikey just broke His own World Record with Slingshot. Look at that saltwater Sheepshead 5# and 20". 13 year old Mikey shootS the heavy bands and a full heavy fish arrow. Mikey is a POWER SHOOTER 1st CLASS NOW!!!!

Now more salt water from Flordia


 Here's Brad, 15: and 4 foot HFX shark.

6/19/2012: Slingshot WORLD RECORD BOOK grows by 5' 2"

3 years ago when the SLINGSHOT RECORD BOOK first started it was just one 5# Buffalo Carp. 6/18/2012l at 7:31pm with the HFX Full Fishing Rig Chief AJ nailed this Needle Nose Gar (Xenentoden Cancila) off the Kaskaskia River Bridge in Douglas County, IL from 20 feet above the water. The new Kayak Arrow held while being hauled up. The shot and landing is on Video soon to be on You Tube and here.

Andrew Miller shot a 27# 12oz Long Nose Gar, below a lock & dam on the Arkansas River near Ft. Smith, AR. . Congratts Andrew!

Here's the winning slingshot (HFX) Deer Hunting Video


 1.Fish & Game take with slingshots & 2. Great Deeds done with slingshots & 3. slingshots & 4.slingshot collections.

Here's the Shot that really started  Slingshot Big Game hunting. Chris Stanley known as "The Hawaiian Hunter' made the Shot with a HFX prototype, Sept 15, 2009, 195# Feral Hog!


 9/5/2011 Yes this Slingshot Record Book is for slingshot collections also and here's Gary "Flatband" Millers' World Record Collection:

  Gary Miller <>; new BAD ASS SLINGSHOT. What a great shot!

BLACK BEAR shot in Utah by Jeff with HFX slingshot UpGraded to Quick Bow, 40# draw tubes and new arrow holding pouch:

This hunter is in the running for SHOOTER OF THE YEAR 2011 with this out-slingshot-standing shot, a BEAR with a SLINGSHOT! Slingshot HUNTING & FISHING DREAM  The broad head big game point on the arrow was a 4 blade Magnus. The bear was recovered with in 50 yards.

ELK HUNTER "QUICK BOW"or Sling Bow all new with great new real rubber quick snap tubes. 8/7/13 Elk Hunter is the newest up-to-date most powerful slingshot 40-50# draw! Comes as boxed set with wrist brace and How To 12 min DVD. $82.50

L to R: Draw Wt. Scale in pounds, Elk Hunter (scale not included) Elk Hunter Model $82.50

For custom orders call 1-27-253-2959 discount on multiple items

Note: The "ELK HUNTER Sling Bow HFX  will take all the Fishing & Night light accessories: reel seat, short rod, bright Stabalight.  Fishing reel Seat does work with the Balanced Wrist Brace.

Big Mouth Buffalo, Shot by Sam Wood with Sam's new Bad Ass slingshot, 34# 6oz from Castle Rock Lake, WI

FISH, SHEEPHEAD, by new shooter Brody Hetland, His first fish

14 year old Brody has only had his new HFX hunting & fishing slingshot for one day.

FISH, COMMON CARP, 33# 6oz shot by Sam Wood with His new 'BAD ASS SLINGSHOT", lAKE Poyan, WI  6/4/11

CHANNEL CATFISH, Jeffrey Jones with His slingbow shot this 12# 4oz cat:

Right in the Sunflower River near Belzoni, MS

STINGRAY (Southern) 22# Shot in Florida by RICK URBAN from LaSalle, IL on 4/13/2011 with Falcon slingshot

GOLDFISH, 1# 15OZ BY Tim Beyer slingshot shooting in the Desplains, IL Conservation area backwater on 3/19/2011

New World Record Bighead:  63# Shot by: JEFFREY JONES in the Mississippi River near Greenville, MS on 03/21/2011 with a Falcon slingshot.


SHARK, by Sam Wood (Sam is a outstanding shooter) this time SHARK with Falcon Slingshot 367# 10' 2"

Alligator: Shot by Sam Wood with Falcon Slingshot at Lake Okeechobee, FL8/30/2010,  9' 7"



 BIG GAME: 201.4# DEER, harvested by Chief AJ using the HFX Hunting & Fishing Slingshot on 8/13/2010, Arrow of Deliverance, Muzzy broadhead, 30 yard shot, Recovery in 95 yards. 15" penetration double lung.

MIRROR CARP: Shot by Warren Crose in a flooded field off the Mississippi River. Warren uses the Falcon Slingbow. 12.2# Mirror Carp, mirror carp have grown to 60#. Now Warren shoot us a Leather Carp (no scales). Best look'en carp in the World Slingshot Record Book

My name is William Oliver, and I am a prostaff shooter for Randy Edwards and Falcon Archery. I have a grass carp taken from Lake Palestine in East Tx that I would like to summit for your record book. The fish is 45.5in long, has a 33in girth, and weighs 44.7lbs. It was taken on July 15th around 11:30pm with my Falcon Slingbow. Thanks

First Flathead Catfish in World Record Slingshot record book. Legally  shot in Kentucky with HFX slingshot by Glenn Trame 7/27/2010, 21# even. Photo:

Glenn uses His HfX slingshot 24/7 night and day setting records.

The Chief should have offered this Full Fishing Rig sooner for orders are pouring in. By popular request Chief AJ has put-to-gather a Full Slingshot Fishing rig:

Hunting & Fishing HFX 35# special pouch, Reel Seat, Wrist Brace, short rod and Yellow Jacket Fish arrow: Chief AJ is now shipping the “COMPLETE FISHING RIG” fully assembled in a custom 40” box ready to take fishing or to be gift wrapped. With reel (first time offered with reel & 200# test line) Ready to go shoot fish.  (The HFX slingshot also can be for Big & Small game with balls or arrows)$220.00 Order here:

phone orders & custom orders 217-253-2959

SALT WATER, CHESAPEAKE BAY, Cow Nose Ray of the Eagle Ray family, 38#, SHOT BY Charlie Lamar, who just mustered out of the USMC, while make the Outdoor TV show ANYTHING WILD!!! Here's Charlie

In Charlies left hand is the HFX with AMS Big Fish rig: AMS retriever reel and large red & white float. Soon over 12 Million people will see Charlie on DirectTV ch#608, Anything Wild show making this Slingshot talk! Charlie did it on camera!!!

FISH: 210# Alligator Gar, 7' 6", HFX slingshot, Shooter: Richard Babb "Pro-Staffer" from Lufkin, TX on 3/28/2010, Trinity River, TX - Slingshot Fishing with  "Bubba Bedre Garzilla Guide Service" 1-888-377-6152L to R Richard Babb, Brannon Bedre and in foreground World Record Slingshot Gar!!!  

Note: Bubba set up the HFX in His special way for very Large Fish and Game.

Quillback: Sam Wood shot a Quillback in the Mississippi River going 4# 8 oz, 21 3/4" 5/25/10 with Falcon Slingshot

FISH, SILVER CARP (Asian Carp or jumping carp) 7/27/2010 Shot by Slingshots USA "Pro-Staffer" Glenn Trame. 16lb 2oz,  34 1/2" length with HFX slingshot and Muzzy fish arrow. Rend Lake spillway.

Slingshot Pro-Staffer Glenn used a short fishing rod that screws into the already tapped HFX reel seat. Glenn is now shooting double tubes and getting through and through (let the daylight through).


Polynesian Pig

Polynesian Pig: Shot by JV Baldauf 12 YEARS OLD!

40.5 pounds, Chief AJ H&F slingshot, 32" Carbon arrow, muzzy point, Ohau, Hawaii, 7/30/09

JV made this shot on camera and now your can see the arrow being drawn back through the forks of the HFX slingshot and the flying to target:

SHORT NOSE GAR: 5/8/2010 David Hughes, McKinney, TX, slingshot shooting in Lake Lavon, TX   David has now put up  His Bow and shooting with His slingshot after taking a Short nose Gar 9lbs 6oz. Breaking the pervious record short nose gar by 5 pounds. Slingshots are becoming KING FISHERS!

Spotted Gar: 43", 10.1# - 5/23/2010 by Pro-Staffer Glenn Trame of Benton, IL shot at Rend Lake, IL with HFX slingshot and you can see the HFX rig in the photo:

Fish: Bowfin, 12#,  Rend Lake, "Pro-Staffer" Glenn Trame, HFX slingshot, 8/31/2010, Glenn shot this Record Fish on camera making a TV show for Slingshot Adventurers to be on "The Hunting Ch"

This is the 6th new record on the Bowfin, they just keep getting bigger.

SUCKER FISH: David Hughes, Lake Ray Roberts, 5/22/2010, 23 1/2", 7# David's custom slingshot while shooting with Chief AJ at night.

FISH: DRUM 12#5oz shot by David Hughes in Lake Lavon, TX with slingshot in Short Norse photo above:

FISH, SHAD 1" 9oz shot with "Bad Ass Slingshot" by Sam Wood, Lake Poygan, WI 6/4/2011

Full Fishing Rig

You get: Elk Hunter model HFX sling bow - Wrist Brace - Reel Seat - Muzzy bow fishing reel with 200# fast flight fishing line - Short Rod - Muzzy Fishing arrow. $220.00 Can be take apart with one bolt and becomes Elk Hunter.

For more info call 1-217-253-2959

Here's the NEW Chief AJ "ELITE" SLING BOW. Comes with the powerful One-O-Nine tubes which can be adjusted from 30#, 35#,40# 45# or 50# draw. The Draw is very smooth and when you touch the trigger of your archers release arrow speed in surprising 185fps. 9/27/15 Chief AJ is now shipping "Elites" all around the World . Get yours and start Extreme Bow Hunting!!! Proven Hunting Bow on Camera by the WALL STREET JOURNAL, will shoot balls and full length arrows. $110.00 Built in Folding Wrist Brace. Shoot both balls and reguar Hunting Arrows!!!

Long finger grove handle, Large folding wrist brace which hunting coat sleeves will fit into. Less that one pound in weight, folds to 1" thick. Has longer range that the HFX by 15 yards, 185fps, shoots arrows from 27" - 32". Not available on e-bay, not on Amazon, not on cheaper that dirt, Only form the Chief $110.00. Order here:

Elite sling has fishing attachments: chiefaj home page

The HFX rigs can be shot with pinch draw and best shot with Archer's Release. Just image that - shooting a slingshot with a rifle type trigger - its really neat and conductive to pin-point shooting. Here's the Archer's Release that Chief AJ recommends

Release buckles about your wrist so that you are pulling the draw of the slingshot with whole arm and then touching the hair trigger shoots. $44.95 Order on line here:

Full Fist Grip -  Shooting with Archer's Release:


Hunting and Fishing Slingshots can be seen and ordered from or Chief AJ home page: Instinct Shooting

9/27 & 28/2008 GREAT SLINGSHOT DEED!


The National Slingshot Association wants you to beat the above records and help us set new records for Fish & Game taken with a slingshot. Send in the info with photos to:

This includes all legal fish and game that can be taken with slingshots, like Carp, Feral Hogs, Feral Goats, Gar fish, ect. NSA membership required to register Game & Fish.

The NSA want to put you in the SLINGSHOT RECORD BOOK. Slingshots, Slingshot collections, ect.

12,000,000 people have now seen Chief AJ make this shot on the Sportsman's Outdoor Ch.


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