Slingshot's for sale  PAGEGood weather, good dog, good slingshot, good shooting makes a good day for AJ!!! Chief AJ shooting flushing Pheasants with his Quick Point slingshot was done on Camera for "ANYTHING WILD" OUTDOOR TV SHOW and is available DVD. Thousands of viewers has seen the Chief shoot hard and the feathers fly. For the one hour DVD $22.50 order here:

ARROW OF DELIVERANCE: Special slingshot arrows

1/10/2013NOW PROVEN ON 3 Deer, 57 Hogs and the Larges of all Big Game in North American, Moose.

Found to shoot best out of slingshots for small game & big game with screw in broad heads. 30, Setback fletching, 248 grain Carbon, take all screw in heads. Set of 3, $40.00 - Order here and now:

Here's the QP with Red Tubes: Order on line right here now: $22.50

Phone orders with Visa or MC (217) 253-2959

 CHIEF AJ's STRAIGHT TALK ABOUT FACTORY SHOOTING PRODUCTS! "Back in '87 when I shot a World Record with the Ruger 10/22 rifle is was not the Ruger 10/22 that came in the Factory box! I had to fine tune the whole rifle. The stock, trigger group, barrel and action had to be tricked out to shoot to a higher level."

NOW ABOUT THE CHIEF AJ BOXED SLINGSHOT SETS! "My Quick Point slingshot frames are customized before I put them into the Factory Box. For my Pheasant Hunting Anything Wild TV show I took a Quick Point out of the Box and went hunting. A "Quick Point" just like you can get straight out of the box for $22.50 All the Quick Point frames come Chief AJ fine tuned to shoot to a higher level only the strength of the tubes are different. Any of the tubes can be installed on the Quick Point frame."QP straight out of the Box!  $22.50

Here's the Boxed Set: QP w/How to Shoot, dvd. This is the Quick Point Black just like Chief AJ used on TV to bag flying pheasants.

Shipped at once when you use the PayPal buy not button $22.50

Or call in Visa/MC to (217) 253-2959. Call in for orders for QP's and several tubes.



Chief AJ's Quick Point Boxed Set with the Hi-Power Black Tubes. $22.50 pp  Again order by phone or BUY NOW

Q: Hey, Chief AJ we know that you Slingshot hunt with 45 cal Lead balls - where can I get the right lead balls?

A: Slingshots USA click here:

CHIEF AJ's BIG GAME BELT: Best seller 1/10/2013For a Hunter or Survivalist. In this Kit is the Elite model, hunting and fishing slingbow.

Hundreds of these "BIG GAME BELTS" or "Grab and Go Kits" or "Survival Packs" have now gone out from Chief AJ's Tribal Workshop: (made in the USA)


Everything you need to take small or Big Game in one fanny pack 13" X 7" with adjustable belt. HFX 40# hunting sling bow, wrist brace, Take Down Arrow which makes a 28" full length hunting arrow, balls of death for small game, Muzzy Broad head just like has taken Deer and Moose now. Chief used this rig to bag a Deer on camera. Truly "Grab & Go" ready when unexpectedly needed. Oh the heavy duty fanny pack is thick nylon with 5 pock
Strap on the Big Game belt and go hunting for both Big & Small game. 13" long, 6" $164.95 Order here:

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