Note: Chief AJ's TV Show producer, Zach Cook,says: "If not done on camera - it never happen!!!"

This photo story of Slingshot Hunting was taken by Jimmy Durako on 10/15/08 of Chief AJ introducing the new Chief AJ "Quick Point"or QP Hunting Slingshot. Jimmy Durako is host of Anything Wild TV show. While Jimmy was doing still photos, Scott was taping with a high quality tape camera for the TV show. In photo 1st Pheasant taken of the day with the new QP. Chief AJ’s New QP (“Quick Point”) Slingshot is 4” X 6” with 4” sight window weighing in at 3 oz. The Aluminum Frame completely stabilized by a new space age product which also wraps the forks for proper hold.  Proved in the field by World Champion Shooter, Chief AJ. Now as of 4/12/2010 ySLINGSHOT HUNTINGour can obtain a QP just like the QP used here: Shipped at once from this Add to Cart button: $22.50

 L to R: Chief AJ, Champ the Bird Dog on point, Scott with TV camera. As Chief AJ went in with His "QP" loaded a Roster busted out with Champ giving the flushing bird his full attention. The Bird is hit with a .45 Cal lead ball and is going down with Champ going for retrieve.  Jimmy's best photo of the day!

On 10/15/08 Chief AJ found the importance of the large opening between the forks or “sight picture” to be able to track and led flushing pheasants. You must be able to see all that is going on to track a flying bird or running game. Here you can just see Cheif AJ's grip on the QP in the lower right hand coroner. Chief AJ grips a slingshot just like Samson griped the jawbone. AJ has a big "follow-through".

Up come another Roster and AJ is ready.

AJ tracking the Bird and then swing out the led in front of the speeding bird. Pheasant coming down after hit with 145gr 45Cal lead ball while Scott is taping for the Anything Wild Slingshot upcoming TV show.  Now take a look at this "full body shooting"

The Hit. Now that is using your all to shoot. No other shooting even with a handgun, rifle, shotgun or a bow is as physical as power slingshot shooting.  Jimmy caught all the action of real QP shooting.  As the days hunt went on temperature went up and a fresh dog named Anne was brought in. It took a TV camera man Scott, the still camera by Jimmy, Don the Dog handler and two dogs to get the job done: SLINGSHOT HUNTING.

wooden,  Sept 27 &28, 2008, Here Chief AJ shooting the Guinness Slingshot Record of 1,500 flying targets. Every shot was on camera. Camera Man is non-other that Jimmy Durako of Host ANYTHING WILD TV show. A DVD of this shoot is now available.

Here's TV camera Man, Scott Scott stayed with Chief AJ all the hunt day 10/15 taken hours of raw footage that will be edited into the Anything Wild Slingshot TV show. 1/2 the Show will be inside flying targets and 1/2 Pheasant Hunting.

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 When Chief AJ hit a flushing Pheasant the bird's landing gear (legs) would drop as in the photo

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