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Russell Stookey

1/19/2012 During the past 18 months the Hunting & Fishing Slingshot (HFX) has caused a stir around the World with hundreds of these unique hunting and fishing tools sent around the globe. The HFX has taken Feral Hogs in Hawaii, Pheasants in the Untied Kingdom, Wart Hogs in Africa, Bears in the Mountains of the USA, tons of fish in North & South America and used for Deer.

There's the HFX that shoots balls, rocks and arrows. (will shoot about any arrow you may already have) Shown here with spring loaded arrow rest down for shooting small game with balls or rocks. Here's the HFX with the arrows rest up for shooting regular full length arrows just as hard as a 45# long bow, only 4" wide and 7" high weighting only 8 oz.


Yes a Slingshot that has a spring loaded arrow rest that snaps out of the way to shoot balls.  <

Yes, you read it right.

 A slingshot for Targets, Big Game, Small Game, Fish. To date 1/17/2012 the HFX (hunting & fishing slingshot) has bagged 3 deer, one black bear, tons of fish, over 50 feral hogs. 1/19/2012 Right now Hawaiian Hunter Chris Stanley (in photo) in on a Hawaiian Slingshot Expedition going after Wild  Big Game.

You can hunt and fish with a sling shot. Here's how it works!



I know. I could not believe it either but read on and learn.


Slingshots, “flippers”, are known to everyone. Most of us grew up shooting beans, ball bearings, lead slugs or rocks in our slingshots. Here's the special feature of the HFX : HFX shown here with spring loaded arrow rest down and just slight pressure sideways with one finger will cause the arrow rest to spring up for shooting arrows. This unique spring loaded arrow rest makes the HFX lethal on Small & Large Game. 


Recently I was with a group of folks who wanted to carry some type of device to gather small game and did not want to use either a firearm nor a bow and arrow.


They hike the Appalachian Trail where guns are not allowed in some places. Walking up on game is a common thing with them and fresh meat in the pot is always welcome.


We all were casting about for ideas for some device which would allow them to hunt, fish and defend if necessary.


The idea of the slingshot was mentioned which left me cold and gone from this project. I just could not see a sling shot doing this at all.


Then, I saw, for myself, how a slingshot was used to harvest a pheasant and a wild hog and I was sold.


The best rig I have seen is made by CHIEF A.J.  and may be seen at or you may call him at 1-217-253-2959.


Nice man.


Knows what he is talking about.


Listen and learn.


Any arrow may be used with his slingshot.  The break down arrows are the trick.


They break ( unscrew) into three pieces, much as your cleaning rod for guns, and will take any type of arrow head.


Fish hunters will enjoy this too since it can be fitted with a reel and used with a fishing arrow with excellent results.


Any type of ball may be used with the slingshot since the arrow shooting device folds neatly away.


Chief A.J. suggested I use air gun BB’s for quail.


Pinch a few into the pouch and let fly and you have a mini shotgun for killing grouse or quail.


This is not a short, short range device. I saw a pig harvested from about 25 yards with this sling shot.


For hikers this is perfect. Weight is the killer on a long hike.


Light and easy to carry in the hunter’s pouch you can get which holds the sling shot, arrows, broad head and anything else you need.


Chief A.J. has kept the weight down to 8 ounces which, as any hiker will attest, is better for the long haul.


I can imagine a tree stand hunter using one of these with a broad head razor head arrow and taking a deer with ease.


Shooting fish in a stream would be easy with this rig.


 Slingshot "Pro-Staffer" Glenn Trame of Benton, IL shot this Bighead Carp from the bank of the river.

Check out the reels which you can purchase or fit to your sling shot.


I travel in National Forests a great deal and firearms are not always allowed or welcome.


I understand bows may fall under special attention during hunting season in these areas too.


There is no where on Earth I can think of where anyone would have a problem with a sling shot.


After all, it’s a kid’s toy.   RIGHT.


You simply have to see one of these sling shots in action to understand how well they lend themselves to hunting or fishing.


This is NOT a toy.


Within a few days of speaking with Chief A. J.  the mail brought the box with my new gear.


The sling shot is well made. The rubber bands are heavy duty and the handle and forks appear to be well made from aircraft type metal.


The pouch is well made with pockets which hold the arrows, the sling and other gear as you might want to carry.


The DVD video is instructive and well done with ample demos of how to use the sling shot and plenty of proof of the usefulness as Chief A.J. shows how to harvest game with it.


Nothing sells like seeing it work in the field.


If you are looking for a unique method to hunt or just want to shoot for the fun of it, please do yourself a favor and call Chief A. J. and buy one of these excellent sling shots.  You will be very pleased.


Love your dogs. They are true friends.


 HFX with Bowfishing rig: Wrist Brace, reel seat attached, shot fishing rod, shooting big Yellow Jacket fiberglass fishing arrow. It is a great Hoot to shoot fish night and day:  


Chief AJ shooting 45 cal lead ball through flushing pheasant with HFX.

You can order your HFX right here right now:

Phone orders 217-253-2959

For full line of accessories for the HFX go to

Here's at neat light weight  small & Big Game Belt Pack: 13" X 7" with strong belt attached:

ELITE Folding "GRAB & GO KIT" or PREPPERS PACK: Elite folding 40# sling bow, Quick Fire pulling and shooting release

balls of death, Take Down Helios Arrow, field point, Muzzy big game point, Order on-line $144.00



You can order by phone 1-217-253-2959 or snail mail: Chief AJ, POB 131, Tuscola, IL 61953 with MO.

Full Fishing Rig on the HFX

40# HFX, Wrist Brace, reel seat, reel with 200# test line, shot rod and Muzzy fish arrow. All assembled ready to fish. $220.00.

Assessors' that all fit onto the HFX: Wrist Brace, Reel Seat, Shot rod, Bright Light for night shooting, #40" Draw "QUICK BOW" upgrade for the HFX, extra tube sets are at or call the Chief 1-217-253-2959 for custom orders.