Here's Why the HFX hunting & fishing sling bow (slingshot) can be accessorized. The core of the HFX is solid machined aircraft aluminum that has precise milling.


Fishing Reel Seat

Fishing Reel Seat fits into the HFX, Quick Bow and Ashley HFX handle. Comes with bolt. Can be used on HFX alone or can be used with HFX & Wrist Brace. The "REEL SEAT" IS MILLED OUT OF SOLID AIRCRAFT ALUMINUM. The primary use is to hold a Bow Fishing Reel, AMS retriever reel,  but the reel seat will hold a spot light, quad rail, short fishing rod, camera and much more. $42.95 Order here:


Arrow Rest Assembly for the HFX

New Powder Coated Arrow Rest Assembly Spring loaded to pop up and down with a button. Up to shoot arrows, down to shoot balls, rocks. Stays on the HFX, you do not haft to take off to shoot balls or arrows. Fits all HFX models. $19.95 Order here on-line:

Here's how the HFX Arrow Rest Assembly works

   Push Button arrow release that is bolted to the solid metal handle to that U can shoot balls or arrows without taking the slingshot apart.

Custom orders call 1-217-253-2959

Non-maniacal "Quick Fire" release


Comes with packaged with instructions

Sure makes a good Backup Release for Compound bow shooters just in case! $14.95 Quick Fire only $14.95 order here:

Note: Take Down Arrows (TDA) are for making a survival shot for food not for, practice or learning to shoot. For practice or learning Arrows order the AOD or arrow of deliverance solid arrows.

Since the HFX is only 4" wide and 7" high weighing only 8 oz this Big Game Killer can fit into a small fumy pack like Chief AJ's Big Game Belt or your own back pack, so here's a full length legal hunting arrow that takes down for the small pack.


The Chief AJ "Take Down Arrow" (TDA) Has become know World Wide Now! The Chief used a TDA bagging this Deer:

  Pack of 3 TDAs $60.00. Quad (4) fletched with real feathers set forward for the HFX and good flight with all points. Comes with field points. Order here:

Arrow of Deliverance

Now with Helios 6 vain fletching. No matter how you chuck up the arrow in the pouch the tubes align between the tubes. With the Quad feathers the arrows sure come out of the HFX straight and the Quad fletching will stabilize anything you can think up on the end of the arrow. These are the arrows to order for practice, hunting small and big game, whereas Take Down Arrows are for one time use to get food to survive.


Now Chief AJ has made up many Quad (4 feathers) Fletched high strength carbon Arrows so you can order a set of 3 for $40.00 with this PayPal add to cart button. These are solid arrows not the take down arrows.  31" and shoot out of the HFX right at 170fps. wt 114grains. (about the same speed as 50# bow) Set of 3 Quads $40.00 post paid in 50 State

call for customs orders 1-253-2959



Chief AJ's personal Full Fishing Rig: