HFX Hunting & Fishing Slingshot Xtreem

Development of Hunting & Fishing Slingshot: HFX  (not a overnight story)

The Indianapolis 500 and NASCAR races brings about faster and better cars.  Out of the Guinness World Record Slingshot shoot came a stronger harder shooting slingshot.

On Sept 27 & 28, 2008 AJ stood and shot 1,500 flying targets with a wooden slingshot using old style flat bands. All summer of ’08 the Chief shot flying aerial slingshot targets getting ready for the big shoot which turned into a proving ground for better slingshots. Chief AJ was working very close with Ray Priest of www.slingshotsusa.com . AJ told Ray mid summer of ’08 that he wanted a strong reinforced wide forked hi-power.

Ray Priest went to work just such a slingshot and brought it whit Him to the Guinness World Record Shoot at the Big Red Barn in Tuscola, IL.  Here’s Chief AJ hitting one of the flying targets. AJ only had a ˝ second time window to splat a 50 cal paint ball on target. Here you can see the 14’ X 24’ backdrop that was hung inside the Big Red Barn. With the flying disk in the air about to be splatter by a paintball out of Chief AJ's slingshot.

At the end of the first day of shooting flying target Chief AJ autographed target Number 1000 and presented it to Ray Priest of Slingshots USA.  Then Ray handed Chief AJ the prototype “Quick Point” slingshot made to the Chief’s request by Ray and www.slingshotsusa.com

To test and prove this new strong reinforced “QP” Chief AJ did use paper or wooded targets but took the QP to the fields.

Along with Chief AJ was the filming crew from ANYTHING WILD National Outdoor TV show. The filed shoot went so well a whole TV episode was made from the field trail. (Now available on DVD) Here’s the first Pheasant taken with the Hi-Power Quick Point slingshot:

A 45 cal lead ball from the QP went clear through the flying bird. Yes, Chief AJ was shooting over bird dogs at flushing Pheasants on the wing.

Here’s AJ favorite bird dog Anne:  

The field test went so well that Ray made up a Chief AJ “Quick Point” Box set:

This Boxed Set contains: QP and “How to Shoot” CD ROM. Pictured is the Hi-Power Black Tube model. The QP Box Set also can be obtained in with yellow learner tubes and Red tapered target tubes. All tubes are interchangeable on the QP frame. Yes, The Quick Point Boxed set is ready to ship: Order here for a QP just like Chief AJ used to bag pheasants: $22.50

The Chief went on to take a Turkey with the lead ball. Then in the spring of 2009 Chief AJ wanted to see if He could shoot fish with the QP. At Lake Shelbyville, IL was wading in knee deep water shooting lead balls at gar rough fish. He was only able to stun a five foot gar.

RIGHT THEN, Chief  AJ knew He needed to figure out how to shoot arrows out of the Hi-Power Quick Point Slingshot. Yes, big heavy fiberglass bow fishing barbed arrows. Most of the Summer was spent doing R&D on ways to shoot regular arrows from the QP. When AJ was ready to Lake Test a prototype he asked Jimmy Durako the Host of ANYTHNG WILD National outdoor TV show to join Him at Lake Shelbyville with camera. Jimmy who photographed the Pheasants being shot on the wing took this photo of Chief AJ first slingshot fish.

As you can see the Chief got all excited and really tangled up the fishing line. That gave birth to the ideal of Hunting & Fishing slingshot. The Chief need a removable arrow rest so that He could shoot balls and quickly covert to shooting arrows, back and forth from arrows to balls and balls to arrows.

The Chief again told Ray Priest and Ray went to work on prototypes on this special slingshot.

With one of the prototypes Chief AJ’s grandson, JV, proved the concept of a Hunting & Fishing slingshot by taking a Polynesian Pig in Hawaii during July of 2009. JV did this on Video Camera and on You Tube over 11,000+ people have seen 12 year old JV draw an carbon arrow tipped with a Muzzy board head in his H & F slingshot and shoot the pig. Here’s the URL to click and see real slingshot hunting.


Here’s JV learning the knack of drawing and shooting slingshot arrow

By August of 2009 the basic Quick Point slingshot had taken Pheasants, a Turkey, squirrels and rabbits with lead balls. Also the basic QP was taking fish like carp, gar and buffalo fish with the big heavy fiberglass fish arrows.

Chief AJ had enough gumption to enter a Bow fishing Tournament with his slingshot and in front of over 100 Bow Fishers took this Buffalo: During this summer time of 2009 Ray Priest at Slingshots USA as working a slick way of folding an slingshot arrow rest out of the way to be able to shoot balls and then just flip back up the arrow rest for Big Game action.


Ray took the basis QP frame and machined a solid metal handle insert with built in capability of holding a matching Fishing reel seat. The slingshot cam be used with or without he reel seat. The special spring loaded arrow rest just flicks up or down.


The unique arrow rest has a High Side to help cradle the arrow and allow the arrow come to full draw. The slingshot can be canted just like shooting balls due to this great design.

THERE IS More! The reel seat is drilled and tapped to accept the powerful bright “Stabalight” that Bow Fishing archers screw into the big bows to bow hunt and bow fish at night. Like hunting for Feral hogs and rough fish at night.

Sure thing, Chief AJ had to field test night slingshot bow fishing. Stabalight screwed into the reel seat. Here’s how a fish looks at night when hit by the light on the HFX (Hunting & Fishing Extreme slingshot)

You can obtain a screw in Stabalight for your Bow or Slingshot right here right now: $110.00 delivered to your door:

Here you can see a Bass swimming under the Gar light by the Stabalight. Chief AJ shot the Gar.

Bow fishing with HFX slingshot is one Hugh HOOT!!!

HFX, 4” wide at the top of the forks.

HFX, 100% Made in the Good' ol USA With Solid metal handle and CNC flip up and down spring loaded Arrow rest.

HFX  6 ˝” in height

HFX just 4 oz in weight

HFX proven to harvest Birds, small game, big game and big fish.

HFX Hunting & Fishing Slingshot

HFX available now 3/6/2010

This HFX is so innovative that: The Host, Jimmy Durako and Producer, Zach Cook of the National Outdoor TV show "ANYTHING WILD" were employed to make the "Instructional DVD" that comes in the box with the new powerful HFX. You are going to like the Slingshot Shooting action packed "How to" DVD which is 12 minutes long showing how to shoot balls and arrow from solid metal HFX. The DVD also contains real Slingshot Hunting & Fishing in the field with Chief AJ, World Champion Shooter.


Instinct Shooting

 Photo below was taken as Chief AJ singed off on the Official Guinness World Record Score Book at the end of the Big Slingshot Shoot on Sept 28, 2008.

LtoR: Jimmy Durako taping for TV show, Mitch Priest & Ray Priest of www.slingshotsusa.com Chief AJ and Guinness Score keeper.

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